If for some reason you didn’t know about the fact that we presented an all-day continuing legal education program through Pace Law School’s Center for Continuing Legal Education on November 19, 2010 at Pace University’s New York City Campus we wanted to fill you in.

The law update included a myriad of topics – due process, hearing requirements, discussion of handling pro se litigants, evidence, hearing management, ethics, and New York’s body of statutory and regulatory law and rules, including the New York State Bar Association’s Model Rules for New York State ALJs.

The speakers included Hon. James McClymonds, President of NYSALJA, Hon. Ruth Kraft, President-Elect of NYSALJA, Hon. Edward R. Mevec, Hon. Eric Zaidins and Hon. Teresa DeMeo.

If you have ideas on future CLE programs, please contact us via email.

By Edward R. Mevec and Eric Zaidins