Technology Friday

I use my iPhone constantly, and am not always able recharge using an electric outlet. So, I need a lightweight, small, and slim power bank to tide me over. I opted for Clutch’s Charger V2. The Clutch’s power bank holds 3,000 mAh of power, enough to charge my phone once. It’s 0.15″ thick, and weighs 65 g (about 2¼ oz). It comes with a built-in connector, and can be purchased in white, pink, or black for the iPhone. The Android version comes in either white or black. It retails from Clutch for $49.99, but I was able to score mine for $40  using the discount code CLUTCH20. They also have discounts for buying more than one at a time.

Cost: $49.99

-Slightly larger and thicker than a credit card
-Will fully charge the iPhone 12 pro

-Not a Magsafe device
-Lacks a storage pouch


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