Can you help me with my case?

No, we cannot help you.


Can I apply to NYSALJA to become an ALJ?

No. We’re similar to a bar association. We are not an agency or a clearinghouse. We do not issue certifications for becoming ALJs or hearing officers. We do not hire ALJs/Hearing Officers.

I am interested in becoming an ALJ. What is the process?

Many, though not all, ALJs working for an agency were once attorneys with that agency. But it’s not a requirement. For example, in order to apply for many (though not all) NYS agency positions, you need to contact the NYS Department of Civil Service and take the Legal Specialties exam. Local agencies have their own requirements and you’ll need to check with the agency you’re interested in working for to find out what their process is.

Does NY have a central hearing office?

While many states do have a centralized hearing office, New York does not.

Is there a central place where ALJ job openings are posted?

No, there is no central repository for job openings. For example, while some NYS positions go through Civil Service, many do not and are posted only by the agency looking to hire.

Can I become a member of NYSALJA, even if I’m not an ALJ or hearing officer?

Membership in NYSALJA is open to current or former administrative law judges and hearing officers in New York and others, including lawyers, who work in the administrative law field.

What are the benefits to becoming a member of NYSALJA?

If you would like to read more about membership benefits, click here.

How do I join NYSALJA?

If you would like to join NYSALJA (and automatically become a member of our parent organization, the National Association of Administrative Law Judiciary), you are welcome to apply.