Technology Friday

My Office EDC

  1. Lenovo Thinkpad T490
  2. Leatherman Micra
  3. Ekster Aluminum Cardholder (minimalist wallet)
  4. Innway Card (a Bluetooth tracker the size of a credit card that fits perfectly in my wallet)
  5. iPhone 12 Pro
  6. dbrand Grip Case
  7. Bunker Ring finger hold and stand
  8. Clutch Charger V2 for iPhone (a 3000 mAh power bank)
  9. The FLEXclip (a thin plastic clip that allows me to securely attach interchangeable things, like my Bunker Ring, and my Clutch Charger, to my iPhone case) 
  10. Swingline Soft Grip Stapler (on occasion, it’s conveniently doubled as a gavel)
  11. Montblanc Meisterstuck No. 146 Legrand Fountain Pen
  12. Retro Tornado 1951 Rollerball Pen
  13. Cross Digital Writer Duo (circa 2002, a holdover from my Palm Pilot days— still a great rollerball pen that I use every day)

With my EDC list out of the way, and, except for my phone and wallet, which I carry in my pants pockets, I carry everything else, including legal pads, in my 20 year old JanSport Nylon briefcase. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be reviewing a few of my EDCs in this column.

What do you carry every day?

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