ESZ-NYSALJAWelcome and thank you for taking the time to visit our website. For the next two years I have the honor as serving of president of one of the oldest, most accomplished and respected state associations of administrative law judges and hearing officers in the United States.

In 1976, the New York State Administrative Law Judges Association was formed for the purpose of advocating and advancing the highest standards of neutrality and fairness among administrative law judges and hearing officers and to promote a process that is free from bias and discrimination. In our nearly 40 years we have accomplished many things. We have taken public stands benefitting all ALJs and hearing officers throughout New York, including supporting diversity in the legal profession, writing the Governor about pending legislation impacting state hearing procedures, and commenting on proposed NYS Education Department Commissioner regulations affecting changes to the special education hearing process, to name three of many. Our Executive Board members, working with the NYS Bar Association, took the lead in drafting the Model Code of Judicial Conduct for State Administrative Law Judges which was approved by the New York State Bar Association House of Delegates in 2009.

As issues arise that are within our objective of promoting and advocating for improvements in the administrative process, the NYSALJA will continue to give voice to concerns that affect ALJs and hearing officers on both the state and local levels. We need your help to fulfill this mission. You can help by bringing issues to our attention and volunteering your time and energy in order to make NYSALJA an even stronger and louder voice for change.

Our association offers our members many benefits, including opportunities for networking and attending the National Association of Administrative Law Judiciary semi-annual conferences, a subscription to their semi-annual journal, in addition to professional development and education.

Professional Development & Educational Opportunities

As agency budgets shrink, it has become tougher than ever to meaningfully fulfill our biennial MCLE requirements.  Your membership in NYSALJA provides you with access to relevant and interesting professional development and CLE opportunities.

Our national parent organization, NAALJ, provides enriching and on-topic CLE programs at its conferences. I encourage all of you to take full advantage of your membership by attending these meetings, held semi-annually at interesting and exciting locations around the country. Start planning now to attend the next one at the Loew’s Annapolis Hotel, in Annapolis, Maryland, April 19-21, 2015. Registration opens November 1, 2014. Click here for more details.

In 2011 we entered into a memorandum of agreement with Pace Law School’s Center for Continuing Legal Education (CCLE). That MOU provides our members with extremely high quality programing at an extremely affordable rate. The CCLE offers live (in person) courses, live webinars, video webinars, and self study CD and DVD programs. Each program costs a mere $35, regardless of the number of credits offered in a single course.

The New York City Administrative Judicial Institute (AJI) at OATH has invited us to attend their CLE courses. You can find their curriculum on their website by clicking here, or looking at our CLE calendar here. Starting last spring, we arranged with AJI to simulcast the programs in Albany. NYSALJA has taken the lead with respect to making a room available in the Capital District and taking care of the administrative aspects of monitoring and coordinating with AJI. All programs are free.

We have our own great news regarding programing. The first program, delivered by James McClymonds, Chief Judge of the DEC, and one of our past presidents, is a 2-credit ethics course titled, “Ethical Issues in Administrative Hearings.” Our goal is to provide 12 credits per year. I encourage you to step forward and volunteer to create your own course. Talk to our Professional Development Committee Chair, Edward Mevec. Not only will your fellow association members be eternally grateful and hold you in high esteem, but you’ll get treble CLE credit for your efforts! And don’t forget to let your colleagues who are not yet members of NYSALJA know about these great opportunities for relevant programs. They’ll thank you.

Participate in an Area You Want to Improve

Last but not least, get involved– attend meetings, submit an article or blog entry for this website, join a committee. If you don’t see a committee that addresses an issue near and dear to your heart, talk with me about its formation. My virtual door is always open.

Please take a moment to look through our site. You will find services and programs that will enhance your professional life. Members of NYSALJA are part of the finest group of ALJs and hearing officers in the State of New York.

Thank you for taking the time to visit.