Speaking personally, I plan obsessively. My chief judge is a NYSALJA member and I know that he is chuckling as he reads this because I request vacation leave up to a year in advance. However, being realistic, in times of organizational need, it just isn’t wise to request CLE days shortly before a conference, particularly in the time falls during periods of high vacation requests. In that regard, there are three fantastic conferences on the horizon. So many people were disappointed that the 2012 NAALJ meeting was sold out (kudos to the organizers for planning a meeting in the Big Easy!).

2013 promises to offer exciting venues as well. First up is the NAALJ midyear meeting in historic Williamsburg VA, from April 14-16. What a charming, scenic locale. Williamsburg is easily accessible by rail or car and is a delightful location. For those interested in going farther afield, CCAT (the Council of Canadian Administrative Tribunals) will host its meeting in Toronto from May 26 through 28. As many of you are aware, the Canadian federal government runs a unitary administrative justice system. NYSALJA hosted CCAT leaders at the 2008 NAALJ meeting. The Canadian tribunals have been at the forefront of developments in administrative adjudication, including computerization, and for fans of comparative law, this meeting will rank high on your wish lists!

Finally, the 2013 NAALJ meeting dates and venue have been announced. NAALJ is headed to the Windy City of Chicago. Chicago is a personal favorite; it has everything from cuisine to culture (not to mention Wrigley Field). The organizers have made a special effort to schedule the meeting so as not to conflict with the Jewish High Holy days which come at the beginning of September. Put September 15-18 on your calendar and don’t procrastinate when the registration email goes out in the spring. The venue will be the Embassy Suites and I am told that the Illinois chapter has arranged for accommodations at a favorable rate.

Oh the places we’ll go and the things we shall see in 2013.

Best wishes,