Technology FridayOn March 1st, I reviewed Sookasa, an application that creates a secure folder within a Dropbox account. Recently, I learned that it isn’t the only player in the game. As it turns out, there are a few, including the extremely impressive app called, nCryptedCloud from nCrypted Cloud, LLC.

As its name implies, nCrypted Cloud is a privacy, security, and collaboration application that gives users full control over their cloud storage content. It functions as a layer on top of existing cloud storage services (e.g., Dropbox) and enables users to control the privacy of their stored files within the Cloud. Unlike Sookasa, which creates one secure folder within a Dropbox account in which all secure files must reside, nCrypted Cloud can secure any folder or file. It ensures private and secure sharing across security boundaries through their patent pending technology. Consumers and enterprise users will have the power to safeguard their sensitive documents, personally identifiable information (PII), and private photos.

It has been reviewed, most notably by, ZDNet, and by BestTechie,, The Boston Herald, ITIC, and 451 Research.

Currently there are two versions: Consumer, available for free, and Enterprise, priced at $10/month per user. The consumer version gives you unlimited encryption/decryption, private & secure share policy, open enrollment sharing, virtual wallet, images of credit cards, license, medical cards, passport or any other PII, and secure mobile digital capture, including photos, video and dictation/recordings. The Enterprise version has all the features of the Consumer version plus multiple identities (according to nCrypted Cloud, a powerful new concept for managing different data), trusted sharing of documents, auto classification, separate, corporate key, centralized provisioning, email alerts, full audit trail for 90 days online, corporate agent install package, and SSO Saml 2.0 integration (100 users & 12 month minimum commitment).

nCrypted Cloud
Cost: Free for Consumer version. For additional pricing, see above.Pros
-keeps private info private



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