The Special Education Section of NAALJ is getting to work on gathering “viewpoints and recommendations of those who conduct due process hearings and to submit them to the Congress for consideration”. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) is scheduled to come up for reauthorization in the next two years.

The Section believes that Hearing Officers conducting special education hearings should share their “unique viewpoint and experience” with Congress in order to improve the process.

NAALJ is asking all hearing officers conducting IDEA due process hearings to join NAALJ (if not a member already) and the Special Education Section and to share their thoughts on how the impartial hearing process may be improved through the next reauthorization.

To learn how to submit a comment or suggestion and participate generally in the process, contact Section Chair Jim Rosenfeld. Rosenfeld recently met with senior Senate staff members to ascertain their interest, identify their concerns and establish a process for the submission of suggestions.