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The 2018 NAALJ Affiliate Challenge Grant

The NAALJ and NALJF Boards are pleased to announce that the Affiliate Challenge Grant Program has been renewed for the 2018 Annual Conference. Each Affiliate is entitled to choose a Challenge Grant Winner who will receive one $500 stipend to attend the Conference in St. Petersburg, paid by the NAALJ Foundation.  (Check awarded at the Conference). It is permissible for this award to be apportioned among more than one winner, if desired by the Affiliate.  Affiliates are challenged to provide all or a portion of the remaining expenses for the affiliate member to attend.


To encourage active participation in NAALJ or local affiliates, including participation on committees and consideration of taking on other leadership roles in NAALJ. The implementation and interpretation of this provision and method of choosing the grant winner will be left up to the local affiliates.


The Affiliate must be up-to-date on NAALJ dues. The grant recipient must be up-to-date on NAALJ dues. The grant may not be awarded to any current officer or member of the NAALJ Board of Governors or Affiliate. The grant may not be awarded to any person who has received a challenge grant within the last three years. Click here for the Application for Affiliate Challenge Grant. The grant application must be completed on behalf of any recipient chosen by the Affiliate.


For the recipient(s) chosen by the Affiliate the Application for Affiliate Challenge Grant must be completed. All responses from Affiliates regarding Grant Recipients must be received by September 14, 2018. There will be no time extensions.  You will receive only one follow-up reminder announcement after this email.


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Application deadline:

1 Ridge Court
Placitas, NM  87043
(855) 756-2255
email:  naalj@naalj.org